How to Get File Manager on the HTC One


File manager is the feature by which we can manage the files which are present in our phone and SD card. Now there exist one question that how to install file manager on HTC one, since we know that HTC one is the most recent handset released by HTC, and it is one of the best selling handset which is available in the competitive market of android phone. In HTC one we need to install separate file manager application because HTC handset doesn’t comes with preinstall file manager ( My files )  as it happens in Samsung android phones, so to access the files installed in SD card nothing to worry about you only need to install file manager on your HTC one.


File Manager for HTC one:

Getting file manager is an not an difficult task, there are various task manager which are present in Google play store you just need to search for the right one file manager, and after that you can download and install the same application. This application comes in both categories paid and free, so you can go with free application.

ES File Explorer & Manager:

ES file manager, is considered as the most decent file manager present in the market. About 70 million people downloaded this application so far; the reason for this is the presence of its amazing functionality and features. It is one of the best file managers for android phones; it allows you to manage files and folder on phone and SD card. And also allow you to access your cloud content from SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Sugarsync, Google Drive and Dropbox. It can also be used as the task manager which can manage the application running on your android device. It also consists of remote file manager which can wirelessly manages file on your computer or other device. It can act as the compressor or extractor for ZIP & RAR files and manage the compressed files. It also comes with the built in photo viewer and media player, Bluetooth manager and many other features. You can download this application by opening Google play store from your HTC one.

ASTRO File Manager:

Astro file manager is the second best file manager application available in the Google play store; you can also use this application for managing files and folder on your android device. It comes with several new features which are not present other files manager, but it is not better then ES file manager. Basically it provide the most basic feature of managing file, till now it is downloaded by about 40 million people from play store. You can interlink your Facebook account with the Astro file manager and upload and download photos very easily. You can search music files, video, photographs very easily by using this application. You can download and install this application by opening Google play store from your HTC one.


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