How To Increase Your Android Battery Life?

Phone charging with energy bank. Depth of field on Power bank
Phone charging with energy bank. Depth of field on Power bank

There’s nothing dreadful than your Android device going dead when you are using it for some important task, like maybe for an urgent phone call or making an online payment. The situation can be so frustrating sometimes that you may even feel like smashing the hell out of your phone. Worry not people, because we are living in a digitally advanced world, where there is a solution for almost every technical problem that arises.

How To Increase Your Android Battery Life


Smartphones have become a necessity rather than a luxury these days. They have become such an integral part of our lives that we depend on these devices for our numerous day to day tasks, right from waking us up to setting reminders, making phone calls, texting friends and dear ones, storing important data, browsing the internet, watching movies, listening to music and what not! So, for some people, even the thought of going without their smartphone for a few hours may seem like a nightmare.

But did you know that all this increasingly remarkable processing and computing capability of your device come at a big cost? Regardless of the operating system that is being used, a common problem that most smartphones face is the draining of battery power. However, this problem is found to be more prominent on Android devices.

So, what you do? Buy a new smartphone? Of course not! Just a few tweaks, changes in settings, and fixes are all you need to get the best out of your Android’s battery.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the various techniques that will help increase your android battery life:

Tips To Boost Android Battery Life


Check What Apps Are Draining Your Android’s Battery:

Go to Settings  Battery to find out the apps that are taking up most of your phone’s battery life. Here, you’ll see a list of apps that are running on your device as well as the bandwidth each app uses. If there is an app or feature on the list that you hardly use, make sure to either uninstall it or turn it off. This way you can save a great deal of your device’s battery life.

Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, And GPS:

Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth are all huge battery hogs and many Android users leave them running all day long, not realizing the impact it can cause on the battery life. So, an easy way to extend your Android’s battery life is to turn these services off when you’re not using them. You can always turn these features on during the need.

Even when you’ve disabled Wi-Fi, your phone could continue to search for networks which could expend too much battery power. To avoid this, go to Wi-Fi settings > Advanced and then uncheck the Wi-Fi scanning option.

Reduce Brightness Of The Screen:

Your display brightness may be set to auto-brightness, which is way too much brighter than what you really need. The brighter the display, the more battery power it consumes. So, tone down the brightness level by manually adjusting and whenever you need more brightness, you could just amp it up.

Use Greenify:

Greenify is an app that helps extend your Android’s battery life by hibernating all those battery draining apps that run in the background. In addition to stopping an app, Greenify will also prevent that app from starting again until you launch it. A great thing about the Greenify app is that you can choose the apps that you want to hibernate without disturbing the functioning of any other app.

Use Black Wallpaper:

Black wallpapers are extremely beneficial in saving the battery life of your phone, especially if the phone uses an AMOLED screen. In the case of an AMOLED screen, the black pixels remain unlit while the coloured ones are illuminated. So, by using a black wallpaper, lighting the screen doesn’t take up much battery power.

Turn ON Power Saver Mode:

This is a very cool feature that helps save power and increases your battery life. When this mode is enabled, the performance of your device is reduced by automatically restricting location services, vibration, and background data.

But do keep in mind that the battery saver mode need not be enabled always because turning off the above-mentioned features lowers performance, restricts GPS access, and prevents background sync which is not something you want to deal with all the time.


As you can see, increasing the android battery life is not that a big deal. Optimizing the use of power by discarding unwanted apps, making a few adjustments in the settings, and installing power saver apps are a few methods that will easily help your phone’s battery perform well for a longer period. Nowadays, you don’t need an android device to run your favourite apps. You can download mobile apps for PC and then run them on your computer.

Tired of having a low battery on your android all the time? Try the tips mentioned here and let us know if you found them useful.


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