App Concepts That Can Propel Insurance Professionals to the Top of the Game


Traditionally insurance has always been associated with loads of paperwork and it was quite cumbersome for those working out of the office to manage so much paper. Like many other industries, the insurance sector is no stranger to the convenience of smartphone apps, and many insurance companies have already launched apps that customers can use for managing their insurance policies. According to industry projections, the mobile insurance market globally has exceeded $31 billion.

There are a number of different ways by which insurance companies can harness the power of mobile technology to eliminate irrelevant processes and paperwork, increase productivity and boost revenues. Some apps that can improve work efficiency so that employees can deliver superior service to customers and gain a competitive edge.

Apps for Claim Adjusters

Mobile apps are the perfect solution for claim adjusters who need to be mostly out of office. These apps can be used in a variety of ways such as making available all the documents that they require to access. Even the claim documents can be uploaded on the go as and when they are made available. The app can also provide the latest information on the claims being processed so that the adjusters have all the information that they require to increase the productivity of their daily routine. Smartphone apps can also enable adjusters to click photographs of the damaged vehicle and upload them to the central resource base from where they can be accessed by authorized people.

Another very useful feature of these apps is that they make available a channel of communication with the customers being serviced to enable them to receive updates and schedule visits. When customers need to sign documents, they can sign them directly on the document displayed on the app without the need to them going to the auto insurance office to sign them physically. The app can also be very useful in tracking customer locations so that the visits can be scheduled more efficiently without any wastage of time.

Apps for the Sales Team

The necessity of an app for sales support is obvious as the sales team is mostly out on the field visiting customers and finds it very strenuous to visit the office to file reports and submit documents for processing. With an app, they can have an updated document library at their fingertips. This means that all the latest sales literature and marketing materials that they need to convince potential customers of the superiority of their products are available with a finger tap.

The app can also give them access to the customer records so that they have all the information they need for a productive meeting even without needing to visit a physical office. Using the app they can track each lead till it reaches maturity. Information on leads can also be entered directly into the app at the time of receiving it.

Apps That Curate Relevant News

It is essential for insurance agents and brokers to keep themselves updated with the latest information on various issues that are of concern to their clients so that they are able to advise them best. An optimized news app can provide pertinent information taking into account the profile of the clients the broker handles as well as his appointment calendar so as to prevent information overload.

Apps for Training Employees

While most companies require employees to be trained in various aspects, it is even more essential in the insurance sector because there are many regulations that need to be complied with and new products are launched very frequently. A training app can make the learning process easy and convenient as it can be accessed by employees during commute times and frees them from having to attend classroom lectures at the office. Since the app can handle different kinds of media such as images, sound, and videos, the learning process is more engaging.

The application of apps to the insurance industry is only limited by the imagination of the developers. As described above smartphone apps are extremely handy not only for customers but also for the sales team and other intermediaries involved in service delivery.

Author bio: Walter Moore  is a veteran in the insurance sector. A prolific writer on various aspects of automotive insurance, he is at present compiling a definitive auto insurance guide for customers.