LG K8 V Hits with an Update of Android 7.0

LG K8 V with Android 7 update

It is one of the best mobiles that you can buy at an affordable price of under Rs.8000. This amazing phone has 5.5-inch display screen encourages the people to use in a simple way. When compared to the other mobiles, this mobile has excellent features to pull the users to work on it. With the great performance which packages over the quad core of 1.3 GHZ   Media Tek processor.  However, it contains 1.5 GB of RAM that is mainly managed to find the best outcome for the users.

Well packed

              LG K8 V with Android 7 update

It is said to be the well-packaged phone that designs well with plastic. This phone helps you to carry with full of grip. However, it built well according to the limited budget for the users to use. The display over the phone satisfies all the users while working on it. The important thing is you must be admitted to knowing about the battery life. This amazing phone’s battery will stand longer for more than 10 hours even after the continuous video play. However, according to the source, LG K8 V hits the right chord with the updates.

Latest Updates

According to the source, this mobile has come up with the latest update which is going to please the users widely. So the users of this mobile who are all very much familiar with the update can connect the internet connection for the recent updates. You will have to confirm that your mobile’s battery is fully charged or not. If the mobile is switched off during the time of updates, then it may allow the issues like file corrupted. So the users have to be alerted before going to the updating process.

LG K8 V Verizon updated to Nougat android 7.0 recently. The users have waited for a long time for this update from LG device. Now, the users can search for the new updates from the official announcement of the LG. The LG K8 V version comes with the software version of VS50020a. The update strikes with few new features other than the Nougat enhanced security and advanced system performance. But the update about the security features is not explained clearly.  It also mentions some other update versions like multi-window systems, themes, gallery support and more. The update is possible by over the air. With these features, you can also personalise your phone with different fonts, color themes and icons.

Final words

Overall, it is a great mobile phone for the users to use compactly at anytime. If you are an LG lover, then this is the best phone for you to buy. Also, the latest update on Android 7 will largely please the users in terms of features and performances at anytime.  Those who aren’t aware of the updates please check out the recent updates to this phone. If you are a user of this mobile, you can also wait for the further updates which are going to have even more features than now in future.



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