LINQ Stores-Best Type of Investment for your Business


A Startup with a simple ideology of connecting Tier II to Tier V regions of India with the online retail and e-commerce markets with a physical store which has every big e-commerce services like online shopping, travel, pharmacies and much more under one roof that too with ‘Zero Inventory’ is making headlines in today’s business news.

It’s an opportunity for every micro entrepreneur in India to finally invest in a business which needs the least amount of investment to start with. With tremendous support system and boosting, motivated and passionate entrepreneurs can earn an amount of wage which they only dreamt of in just a few months.

The merits of LINQ Store as a platform are discussed below in details:

  • Widespread range of services:

Currently, LINQ Stores being the official umbrella under which it holds best of the online platforms together is giving a new ray of hope to the shoppers in the lower tiered regions of India. Multiple choices have opened up under their budget in their sweet towns where otherwise only particular stores of each variety of products existed. In this way, the startups customer satisfaction rate has always been on the upside.

  • Financial choices:

Every online site has variations in prices in multitude products of theirs. For people, who are tight on their wallets and have thought of never opting the ever expensive choices displayed on the online sites has LINQ Stores to get help from. Behind every LINQ Store is the store owner who is a passionate entrepreneur at heart who is carefully selected by LINQ to understand his customer’s needs and satisfy it’s every need. It in turn helps people return to the store for their next buy.

  • Free Assistance:

The services of guiding, selecting, ordering and helping out with the logistics are all done by the enthusiastic store owner himself/herself. They are the main key of the startup being so successful. Such services are all free of cost since the store owner earns not from the services he gives out but from the sales he does.

  • Return Policies:

The most complicated part of an online purchase is the return and refund policies. Most of the regular customers who practice online shopping on a daily basis have revealed that returning a product is a troublesome job. In such offline stores, return policies are extremely simple and quick since the store owner will be coordinating with the retailers and not you, the customer.

Requirements for Franchise:

An individual investing in this franchise model is certainly going to grow after fulfilling certain and yet minor requisites.

  • The initial investment has to be met to obtain a franchise
  • There should be zeal to help develop their own town in the digital way by setting up a small store.
  • Knowledge about the current trends and also the way these retail and e-commerce works is the most important one since this itself would drive the store owner’s sales.
  • The individual involved should have the commitment to operate on a day to day basis and the ability to deliver the highest level of customer experience.


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