Linux Hosting Vs Windows Hosting Vs VPS Hosting


Hosting always plays a major role among the people that who all highly trying to work on the sites are in the needs of hosting. However, it is also important for the people to know about the hosting before getting involved into it. For those seekers, here we are going to show the differences and importance of Linux hosting, windows hosting and VPS hosting. When it comes to hosting, generally the hosting service providers come up with the two different kinds of hosting like Linux hosting and windows hosting.

Linux hosting takes its place as the most preferable in the industry. One must know that most of the people go to this site for its flexibility and its affordable price. For your information, it is also mainly compatible with MySQL and PHP that highly supported to phpBB, Zen Cart and WordPress. On the other side, when it comes to windows hosting, it offers the windows particular level of technologies like .NET, ASP, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

People should know that the VPS hosting is said to be the Virtual Private Server. It is one of the types of hosting that you can choose for website online. However, purchasing web hosting which will help the people to get space on a web server. Also, it will be easy for the people to host the website at anytime in online.

Specific applications

Windows: When it comes to applications it mainly required a windows server such as C#, Remote Desktop, ASP.NET, ASP Classic and more. Also, windows dedicated servers have the option to support an additional level of windows specific applications. However, if you are looking for some more applications, then you need to purchase the license and go for installation process of the software.

Linux: On the other side, Linux specific applications that highly required of Linux based server such as SSH and scripts where it also needs the applications that required Apache modules.


Linux hosting: One should know that the Linux is mainly named for its stability in terms of OS. It is also mainly considered as open sources platform that largely adapted to any environment. However, in terms of security, Linux is mainly considered as a safer part than the windows. Here it also has cheaper plans to choose and go further.

Windows hosting: When compared to Linux platform, the window is quite easy to access and work on it. For your information, people who all are working on this platform can easily configure it as per the sources. It is also the main reason that why window has become more efficient to access. Also, it is easy to use .NET framework whereas you can easily develop the applications using a .NET framework at anytime.

Final words

However, we must admit that the pros and cons are available in all the hosting discussed here. When it comes to secure and open source, Linux plays the vital role and for the best and easy configuration, windows do it role. It is all about your wish to choose the perfect one among these hosting.


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