Not All Glass Are Created Equal


You may have decided to cut costs in your lab by purchasing more glass bottles over plastic bottles. This is a good idea; glass bottles are not as expensive as plastic, and your operating costs are reduced as glass bottles are less prone to breaking than plastic. In many ways, glass is just as suitable for lab use as plastic. However, you need to be certain you are purchasing the right type of bottles for the work your lab is doing.

Polymer Suitability

Over the years that glass have been used in laboratory bottles, different polymers have been developed for handling certain types of chemicals, for special shipping or storage needs, or use during specific procedures. For example, some polymers cannot handle being placed in a centrifuge, while others are not autoclavable. Others are.

Polymers have different degrees of permeation, or may act as a barrier against some chemicals and gases, as well as varying sorption characteristics. You can find polymers with degrees of chemical, impact, stress crack, or temperature resistance. Some containers are extremely rigid, while others are far more flexible in structure. We are able to sterilize particular types of polymers, but not all. Also, not all polymers are recyclable or able to be manufactured from recycled materials.

Size and Design

Wheaton manufactures bottles in a variety of shapes in order to meet our customers’ needs for different laboratory uses. Depending on the samples you are working with, we can provide you with bottles with wide mouths, suggested for solids, or narrow, best for liquids. Our team is certainly willing to help you decide which of our designs will work for you.

Bottles can be purchased with attached or separate caps, as well as tamper proof seals when needed. If you are using caps, be certain the caps can also withstand the processes the bottle will be subjected to.

Colors Available

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the color of the container is, but often you may be storing or using light-sensitive materials. For these cases, we do have opaque bottles in white or amber, in addition to our natural color option. We also are able to make completely transparent bottles for times when you prefer to have a unobstructed view into the contents of the bottle.

We Are Available to Help

If at any point in your purchase process, you need to speak to an expert, we at Wheaton are available. Our team can advise you on the pros and cons of buying one type of glass over another, or what might be the best solution for the samples you need to contain. We are also dedicated to helping you reduce operating costs and meet any challenges you may encounter concerning packaging and supplies. Please call or email us with any questions you have.

If we don’t currently have what you are looking for, please let us know. We are always working to further develop and improve our options for customers, and want to be certain we are offering what you need.