OLX.IN-A Great Place To Buy and Sell Products


Online shopping is becoming the new trending fashion these days with the arrival of technological innovation and internet. “OLX .IN” is an online free of charge classified website, in which anyone can sell their items online without any trouble. So in case you have a mobile phone, laptop or perhaps just about anything that you would like to sell, you just need to just sign up with “OLX .IN” and get your products listed and you will certainly come across someone who is interested in your item there.

Buying and Selling

The company makes the buying and selling process very simple and user friendly. You just need to register with OLX.IN. While registering the site will ask you some important questions like selecting your state and city. After you have registered you will be able to make your own listing of the items you want to sell. You can also post free ads by clicking on “Post a free add” option. After clicking this option, a new window will open where you are required to provide information about the product that you want to sell and upload the item’s photo. After this simple step your item will be listed successfully. Buying any item from OLX is much easier than selling. You just have to browse and select the item you want to buy and you will be provided with the sellers contact number whom you can contact directly.

Olx advertisement campaign

Unlike most of its rivals, OLX has recognized television as an excellent medium for India classified ads to target large number of the Indian customers. With the tag line “Yaha Sab Kuch Bikta Hai” (Everything Sells Here) there is a series of advertisements publicizing OLX concentrating on the ambitious Indian urban middle class with lots of aspiration to contribute value to their life. All these humorous advertisements have instant effect on the Indian viewers contributing to its popularity as the online classified site. A couple of the popular television advertisements currently being aired in India are –

Grandfather’s Car

In this advertisement it is shown that three generations of a family are travelling in a car. The two grandsons want to sell the old car while the grandfather talks about the beautiful memories associated with the car. But as soon as the grandfather hears about the offer on OLX for his car, he hands over the car keys to the grandsons to sell it and get into an auto rickshaw.

Brother’s Bike

In this add a younger brother wants to sell his elder brothers old bike. But the elder brother recalls the moments he cherished with his ex-girlfriend on that bike. But as his younger brother tells him about an un-resistive offer for his bike on OLX he says the famous one liner “Bech de”.

Old computer

This is the funnies among all of the OLX adds. In this add a son wants to sell his father’s old desktop while his father talks about the emails he used to send to his wife from that computer. All those memories fade away in a second the moment he hears about the exiting offer on OLX from his son and tells him to sell it.


In the end we can state that OLX is the best place where you can list your products, sell them and buy new items. If you are looking for used items then there is no other better place you can go. So if you are going into the buy- sell business you must definitely try OLX.IN.


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