Revel Of Technology: Android Nougat Vs Android Oreo – What’s Next?

Revel Of Technology Android Nougat Vs Android Oreo

As of 2017, Android’s market share stands at 87.5%, which definitely is a staggering number. Being the dominant player in the mobile market space, it’s obvious that Android must be doing something just right! Now Google has announced its latest iteration of Android – Oreo.

It is expected that by 2018 the update will start rolling out to supported phones. Of course, the exact time and date will depend on the manufacturer of your device. But people are interested to know what Google brought to the table this time. Being a new version of Android, it must sport considerable amount of changes from the existing Android Nougat or Android version 7.

Do not be disappointed as there are many changes in Oreo that makes it different from Nougat. One can say that the approach made by Google in this update is to offer a more polished user experience with Android. This made Google’s latest offering have many under-the-hood optimizations. So, when you give a first glance at Oreo, you might feel that not much has changed between the updates, but as you start using a device with Oreo, the change becomes apparent. Again, the aim is to offer a refined user experience.

Let’s have a deeper look at what makes Oreo different form Nougat and have a peek into the future of Android.


One among the most noteworthy features comes with the changes applied to how Android handles notifications. In nougat and previous versions of Android, the only way to which all apps have notifications was to scroll from the top. But Android Oreo has another sleek addition to help you know the apps with notifications – Notification Cots.

Now a small dot will be seen on the top right side of the app that has a pending notification. This is a handy feature that android missed on until 2017. However, there are apps that give you the feature in your current OS. Download APKs for free from the website to make the most out of your device.



Now long pressing on the dot or app icon will open up a window through which you can read the notification, or you can snooze the notifications for future.

Notifications Screenshot


This feature is really useful when you put your important apps on the home screen. Now you can interact with them directly.

Background Task Management:

Oreo will be faster on your devices as Google implemented a smart background execution system. There are two advantages to this implementation – Performance and Battery. In Oreo, background apps are given a specific time limit till the OS shuts the process down. Now you may think what will happen to the social media apps that need to be updated in real time.

In Oreo, social media apps will be switched on at specific intervals of time where they can connect to the servers to receive notifications and then turn off.

Background Task Management


Now say hello to more screen on-time as you will be getting more battery backup with android Oreo’s Background execution system.

Improved Audio Capabilities:

Now Oreo brings a lot of changes to the audio options on Android. With Android Oreo supporting Bluetooth 5, you are getting more quick and rich feedback between your device and Bluetooth audio device or any other Bluetooth 5-enabled device.

Also, developers can make use of the new AudioFocusRequest class to ‘quiet’ the app rather than pausing it. This is to give a seamless audio experience while browsing between multiple audio-enabled media. Another addition is the VolumeShaper class that brings in audio transition effects to apps like crossfade.

Audiophiles do not despair as Oreo brings in multiple additions to media player class. Now Oreo will support H.264, AAC, and AC-3 file types with the capability to play DRM protected material.

The Revamped Settings Menu:

If you want to see the immediate change in Oreo update, head over to the settings. Here, you can see that they have been crunched down. In Oreo, similar options are bundled together under a related header. Now the settings page looks minimalistic and clean.

Revamped Settings Menu


It will require some getting used to, but you will love this clean version rather than scroll through the screen multiple times.

The Future Of Android:

Even though Oreo has been just released, it doesn’t mean that Google developers and engineers have stopped molding the future of Android. Google has already started working on Android P, the successor to Android Oreo. Google also has an ongoing project dubbed “Project Treble” that is integrated to Oreo. Project Treble seeks to make Android updates easier, faster, and more affordable to manufacturers.

As for android P, the latest reports suggest that the new update is aimed at IoT or Internet of Things. It’s exciting to see what Google has in store for us next, and androids’ future looks brighter than ever before!


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