Review on Zuma Deluxe


Gamers have always loved gaming. And these 2D games are sometimes your best companion to get relief from something very stressful. The hardcore gamers will always prefer playing third person singular shooting games, or maybe the racing games but these days all of them are plotted in stories and once you are into playing those, you can’t simply quit unless you are done playing it full.


But everyone is busy these days and if you are one who have already finished those sweet days of gaming and have gotten yourself into the real tough world then there would be no time for you to play all these lengthy games. And that’s the time when you may prefer games like Zuma to relax and dump off all your stretches. And this guardian frog of Zuma will make you pleased within a couple of moments and all you will have to do is protect their temple from the colored ball invasion that comes through spiral corridors.

And good news is, you can download Zuma Deluxe Game for free from the internet.

What’s the story?

So what do you have to do in this game? You have to shoot the balls with the guardian frog which tends to have supernatural powers in forms of rays coming out of its mouth. This poor frog will have evil, merciless and relentlessly colored balls on their ways to evade the frog’s temple but you know what, the frog knows what the weak points of the balls are! You must have heard of the old saying Two is company, three is crowd. Well, it’s easier to smash the balls when they come in a crowd just with a pop.

The Spiral of Doom

The game looks very simple. It actually is simple; you don’t have to know much of a gaming geek to play this game. You don’t even need to know loads of cheat codes or the control buttons. Once you start playing, you will soon find yourself used to this game. The spiral actually leads you to doom, if you can’t eliminate the balls before they reach the guardian frog, aka you! You can play it on your PC, or your Xbox 360 console, the way you prefer and like.

If you are into brainstorming and puzzle gaming, then this certainly is your game. Although it’s not those typical puzzles where you match a picture or solve any trick like Rubik’s cube, but this is where you act fast and protect the guardian frog before the deadly balls reach it.

Eliminate All the Balls

That’s the main objective of this game. The faster you destroy them, the faster your points bar goes full. This might sound easier but this actually isn’t, but you can master this with practice. And once that bar is full, all the balls will disappear. The balls will change their color time to time, giving you the opportunity to take the best advantages of the power ups.

Act fast or you are dead

It’s all about acting fast in this game. You have to think fast, focus and target the best ball that will interrupt them coming through the corridor. And if you can do it way faster, you are about to gain point and reach upper levels.

So, where do I get this game?

Just do a little bit of Google search and you will find it. Or you can also visit this website which appears to be Zuma Deluxe Game’s official website. Have fun!


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