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When we search for a film or series online then the first thing that catches our attention is the rating that it has got, or what is the general overview of people regarding this particular show or series. If the rating is good, we then go for the plot and then finally read the storyline and think of watching it online or downloading the same. So ratings from a trusted site are generally more believed by people.

Rotten tomatoes and its tomato meter are the world’s most trusted critic sources. They are one of the most trusted resources from where you can get all the quality resources. They provide an integrated guide to what is new and what is fresh and also what is rotten in the theaters and in the home. They exclusively curate content for their fans; also the tomato meter quotient is just the initial point. They also serve their fans with original content and also fun video scoop videos about a famous series. They also organize live interaction sessions and also live shows who they have named as “Your opinion sucks”.

What is Tomato Meter?

rotten tomatoes

The tomato meter is the measurement scale on which hundreds of films and television critics are rated. It is quite a trusted measurement which recommends contents for its millions of fans. The idea of naming their site rotten tomatoes came from the idea that previously when plays were held in open spaces, and if the audience did not like that paly they would not only hiss and boo at the actors but also used to throw tomatoes and eggs at the direction of actors. The tomato score therefore represents the exact percentage of critic reviews which are positive for a particular film or series.

Decoding Symbols and Status:

After a show and series receives at least five reviews, the percentage calculation starts. A red tomato when displays mean that movie or TV show has received at least 60 % of positive reviews. If a green splat is displayed then it means that the film or series has received less than 60% positive reviews. There is also a special distinction status which is known as certified fresh status which is awarded to a particular movie or series when it has the following features: A steady tomato meter score of 75%and more. It has minimum of five top critic reviews, and is the film has a wide release then it should have a minimum of 80 reviews. If the film however has a limited release then it should have a minimum of 40 reviews. When it comes to TV show, it is considered on the basis of one single season, and a single season must have at least 20 reviews. After a movie or TV show has met with all the criteria then the team of rotten tomatoes decides that whether there is any chance of the scores falling down. They then mark that film or series with the designation of Certified Fresh.

How are Films and Series Curated?

To keep in tab with all the films releasing around the world, rotten tomatoes has a separate team of people whose job is exclusively to read thousands of movie and TV reviews. They collect online reviews from writers who are official members of various writing guilds and other film critic companies. Burt the team make sure that the critic’s reviews are reliable the staff of rotten tomatoes see the number of likes his or her reviews have received from common users. There are some “Top critics” who mainly write in acclaimed newspaper. When they upload their views on rotten tomatoes they need to mark their reviews as fresh or rotten, otherwise the system will not approve of their critical review.

Those movies which are approved by Tomato meter critics are collected by this curating team. They make careful note of these reviews are fresh or rotten. They also choose a representative pull-quote, and tomato meter approved critics can also self-submit their reviews. Rotten tomatoes do keep account of all those reviews and then they calculate the number of positive reviews it is receiving. Based on all the incoming reviews they mark a particular film or TV show as rotten or fresh and similarly publish so in their official website, and sometime as movie or series gets the designation of Certified Fresh if the conditions which are stated above are met.

Can an Audience Contribute their Views?

Of course, an individual audience can contribute their view of a particular TV show or movie. They then use the audience score to make up verified ratings. If a full popcorn basket is displayed then it means that at least 60% of the reviews are 3.5 or higher. It means that this movie or series has received a fresh status. If a tipped over popcorn is shown then it would mean that less than 60% of the users have given it a 3.5 star or higher. It is then receiving a rotten status. This is generally known as user average which is the average of the number of votes the audience has given on a particular show or movie.

Golden Tomato Award:

This is not exactly any award ceremony, but here the member of rotten tomatoes nominates the most reviewed films of the year according to their own ratings. The winners are announced on their website only. The films are divided in to two separate categories which are wide release and limited release. Limited release means the films are released in 599 or less theaters at the first go. Any film which opened in more than 600 theaters is considered to have a wide release. Films are also further classifies in to the film genres. Each movie can be stated in one particular genre apart from non-English language which can be included in both the genre and the respective category of “Foreign”.


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