Snapchat to intoroduce new feature, “Custom stories”.

Snapchat for images

Snapchat has churned the mills of creating headlines with its new revelation of introducing custom stories. The all new feature of custom stories is basically a new form of story which is designed to make sharing of stories and events easier.

The all new feature of custom stories can be enabled in your account and with that you can create your geofenced and global stories with friends you choose. This is a natural evolution of the Snapchat’s geofenced stickers business that allows you to create custom stickers for big events like birthdays and weddings.

Snapchat has been in tiffs with Instagram and with the competition being intensifies, it has introduces a new sharing mechanic which will grab more new users.

How to create a Custom Story

Snapchat for images

The all new Custom Story featured has to be enabled in your account. To move ahead and create your own custom story, tap on the “Create Story” icon which is placed on the top right hand corner of the stories screen.

Give a name to your story and start inviting your friends whom you want to participate.

Invite Friends and Create Stories

This is the actual highlight of the all new feature “Custom Stories” where in you rope in friends from all across the globe irrespective of every nook and corner they live in.

You can also send invitation to friends and nearby Snapchat users. Snapchat will basically create 1 block geofence around the current location and can be viewed by your friends or if you choose friends of friends.

Hit the Submit and Enjoy

Once you are done with the creation of your custom stories, yo can hit the option of Submit stories placed underneath “My Story”.  The custom stories will be featured on the stories page and shall be there until no one contributes for over 24 hours or if the creator deletes the stories.

You can contribute to endless custom stories of your choice but can create 3 custom stories at a time. It is indeed something new and exciting connecting people on a larger platform tp have fun even post events.

SnapChat – Capturing moments at big events

Custom stories are likely to catch the crowd especially for big events like birthday events, weddings, reception etc where a bunch of audience can be involved. You can involve friends who attended the event and have a gala time celebrating and contributing to stories and enjoying the moments post-event too.

Custom Stories – Much needed for Snapchat

The most highlighting feature of custom stories introduced in Snapchat is all about inviting friends and creating a huge network to share the moments. Also, after the brutal 1st earnings report of the current month, Snapchat is quite under the pressure of dilating its user base.

Custom Stories is an all new idea that can rope in new users and is likely to pose a good competition to Instagram at this point of time. It seems to be savvy in the correct direction and hopefully will not reverse the fortune.


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