Ten Tips to Help You Crack an Interview


Interviews are your gateway to the career you build for yourself in your life. Interviews are basically, the board exams for getting promoting to the next grade – your job and position in an office. Through interviews, an employer is able to decide whether or not you are eligible for the position of the job that they are offering. Your employers determine your strengths, weaknesses, leadership abilities and teamwork adaptabilities that you would need in order to work in that particular business space. Naturally, it is imperative that the employers render an interview as tough and challenging as possible so that they can skim off the crème de la crème among the interviewees.

crack an interview

Here are ten tips that will help you to crack the interview, be it your first or the rest of the interviews, easily:

Prepare your skill set for the job

What the interviewers primarily look for in a shortlisted candidate appearing for an interview is whether he or she has the required skills that they want for that particular position. Appear for an interview only if you are completely sure and convinced that you have the skills that the employer has demanded of the appearing candidates.

Research, research and research about your interviewers

This is one of the most important home works that you need to do before appearing in front of the interviewers. Do a thorough research of your possible future employers and make sure you know enough about their company. If possible, also get to know the background of the person who will be interviewing you.

Mock your interview beforehand

Prepare yourself in every way possible. This is the basic mantra. Stand up in front of a mirror and practice speaking eloquently and in an expressive way. You can also ask a friend or two to enact an employer and practice speaking in front of them. Having a third person supervise in such ways is often helpful as it bring forth unforeseen opinions.

Don’t miss out researching on the industry of the employer company

While you research the company which will interview you, don’t forget to put some effort into knowing its industry as well. Get to know about the recent trends, facts, figures, developments and pitfalls, if any and you will be appreciated greatly for your efforts. You can even put in follow up question regarding their plans in view of these trends and developments.

Keep your examples ready

While a sound base of theoretical knowledge is always given high appreciation, it is also fair and reasonable enough to keep yourself updated more than the hypotheses that you have learnt. Putting forth real life examples, even if they are your personal experiences, will create an impression that you have put your knowledge to test and reason as well as you have learnt it.

Put some thoughts on what you will be wearing

The attire that you wear to the interview is just as important as your skill and knowledge. While your knowledge base will create the distinct impression of your background, you attire will determine your personality, background and culture. The rules are – be tidy, be clean, be fresh and be simple yet elegant. Don’t overdo yourself, but don’t forget the essentials either.

Be punctual

That may seem self explanatory. However, what we actually mean by punctual is that don’t be late, but don’t be too early as well. While coming in for the interview fifteen minutes late is a clear indication that you are not serious about the job, being too early indicates that you are too serious. And both create a negative impression.

Play it all with confidence

Confidence is the key to cracking an interview. Always bolster yourself and make sure that you are sure about whatever you are saying. Even if you have to answer an “I don’t know” to any question, put in some confidence in that and it will have considerably positive effects.

Maintain a healthy body language

Body language is very important and is very keenly noted in an interview by the interviewers. Fidgeting constantly, like shaking a leg, rubbing your palms together, scratching your head, touching your face and the like, is a big indication that you are nervous and indicates that you want the job. It sends out a negative signal.

Watch your manners

Interviewers also have a keen eye on your manners. So, keep your smile and words in sync, but add some confidence in it as well.

Watch out for these tips and make sure that you crack your interview with flying colors.


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