Things to Do in Penang


World is full of destinations, just you have to explore them..! J  If you ask me what I love the most then my answer would be to know about different-different places and the best way to get everything is by visit the place. In this way you can solve your both purpose your hobby and very important break from the hectic work schedule. Holidays are the best way to retain your strength and dedication for the work. If it’s been a very long time for you to take a break then I would suggest you to plan a holiday where you can spend some time or more precise some cherish and memorable moments with your dear ones. And I am here t help you out from the most difficult situation to decide where to go???  Malaysia I would suggest and in Malaysia you can go anywhere but try Penang first. Penang is one of the fast growing city of Malaysia by every prospective whether its development, culture, infrastructure, traditions, attractions or many other things. So, plan your trip to Penang in Malaysia and then read the below information regarding the best things do in Penang.

1.     Penang Hill

Things to Do in Penang

Penang is the place where you will find “Fusion of Culture” and it’s the foremost reason the city is very much popular regarding tourism. Penang Hill is the place from where you can start your journey to Penang. I would say it’s a must see place and you will love the place. The train ride, top stunning view, lavish natural environment and clouds all looks spectacular. Carry a camera along with you to click some natural glances.

2.     Beaches

Its sounds good to lie over beach on golden sand and having a coconut drink in hand while looking towards the sea and skyline. All is dream but you can make it true at Penang, as there are several beaches where you can fulfill your dream exactly. Enjoy water rides and activities and drag a new experience to show your friends.

3.     Eastern and Oriental Hotel

Before heading Penang make sure you have booked your residence in any hotel and if not then I would suggest the Eastern and Oriental Hotel as its one of the top hotels in Penang better known for the quality service and rooms. You will be pleased after watching the place, rooms are clean and spacious having inbuilt bathrooms. Hotel staff is excellent so enjoy stay at this wonderful place.

4.     The Ship

Heading to Penang then don’t miss the best restaurant of Penang named “The Ship”. Place is fantastic and serve almost everything, you can ask for any favorite dish of yours and they will make it with some more enhanced taste. For hanging out, it’s the best place in Penang.

5.     Night Market

Leave your hotel and come out in the night as Penang offers an ultimate experience of shopping from Night Market which is worth a price. You would get everything you want to buy, and it’s a most popular activity and the best way to spend a night in Penang.

Penang is the worth to visit place and you would enjoy the place and people. Plan a trip to Penang and make these days your best days of life.


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