Top 10 Android Cloud Storage Apps for Data Storage 2013


Gone are the days of perplexity over cloud storage. Now each and every advanced computer user has now got used to it. As far as an advanced computer user is concerned, the space needed for him will never be enough even if he has a hard disk of 10TB. Hence, cloud storage services have become a great way for many to store their files as it is accessible from anywhere anytime. Moreover, these are safe and reliable. So here we are going to see some Android cloud storage apps which are the best ones among the available.

Best Andriod cloud storage apps

Download Best Android Cloud Storage Apps

1. Google Drive

Google Drive from the search giant is actually a blend of both cloud storage and productivity and it shares about 15GB of space with Google products like Drive, Google+ Photos and Gmail. As said before, you can use this service to save all kinds of your files and can access them from anywhere and is also shareable. The Google Drive app will let you access the files stored in your drive and you can upload files directly. Furthermore, you can make files offline so that they are available even if you don’t have an internet connection. Check out the below video to get a quick glimpse of Google Drive Android app.

2. SkyDrive

SkyDrive is a service from Microsoft and is also a safe and popular cloud storage service. With SkyDrive app, you can view recently used documents and also can upload multiple photos or videos from the phone. Also, you can open your SkyDrive files in other Android apps and is also organizable with the options to delete or create new folders.

3. DropBox

Dropbox is the third app and is a very useful app or service if you are very busy personality. After you install Dropbox in your system and if you share any files to it, all those files will be automatically saved to all your computers, Android devices and the Dropbox site, once they are synced.

4. Box

Box cloud storage offers 5GB of free space and is very easy to use. With the Box app for Android you can share essential documents with coworkers and can comment on documents on the go. In addition, you will have facilities to view updates to your spreadsheet instantly.

5. Amazon Cloud Drive

The Amazon cloud drive app for Android mainly aims at the storage of your valuable photos and gives 5GB of space for free. Amazon claims that your memories will be safe and secure in the cloud. You can upload individual photos or the whole album with a simple touch and also helps to share your photos on Facebook, etc.

6. Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One offers 5GB of storage free space and with the Android app for it you can enjoy the features like Auto upload that saves any picture that you take online and on all your devices. Also, it will grab all the photos that you use with other photos apps, so that none of your photos are lost. Sharing to social networks is also possible with the U1 Files app.

7. OpenDrive

OpenDrive too offers 5GB of free space for storing and sharing your files over it. OpenDrive is capable of establishing a connection automatically between your devices and files through the OpenDrive website. You can upload all your files like photos, docs, and videos and can access it anytime and anywhere directly.

8. Verizon Cloud

Your digital life in your pocket. That’s how we can define Verizon Cloud. Verizon Cloud help you backup all your files including photos, videos, music, documents, text messages, etc., and the files will be safe and secure in the cloud even if your phone is lost. The app will sync your last 90 days’ text messages and will start syncing all your new messages thereafter.

9. Zip Cloud

Zip cloud is yet another cloud storage app for Android that is very fast and efficient. With this incredibly intuitive application you can access your files stored in Zip Cloud at your fingertips and by this app you can also backup your camera roll and all other kinds of files. Also, you can protect your files by enabling password protection for the app.

10.  Just Cloud

JustCloud is also one among the leading cloud storage and file syncing service over the internet. You can access all your files from anywhere using the JustCloud Android cloud storage app which also gives the facilities to listen to music, watch videos, and open your documents and view the photos.

These ten top Android cloud storage apps are the best available over the internet and are being used profoundly. Cloud storage is something that we  should inevitably try and their respective apps for Android devices makes it easier for us to handle our cloud storage accounts with ease.


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