Top 10 Best Android Apps You Must Install Now


Android is a great mobile OS that’s been growing at a tremendous rate, in terms of both popularity and market share, but what’s the reason behind this popularity? There are many reasons that makes Android one of the most amazing mobile operating system but the biggest one is the variety of apps that are available in the Play Store.

If you own an Android smartphone and you don’t install the proper apps that can really help you with your daily work, then there might be no use of owning a great gadget. In this post, I will be showing you 10 Best Android apps that you must install in your smartphone to make the most of it.

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Best Android Apps For Your Smartphone

#1. Any.Do

This is a must have app so that you can make the to-do list of the tasks that you need to do without forgetting. Many people forget various things or they don’t remember when to do that, so at that time, this app really comes in for your rescue as it comes with a reminder option that reminds you when you need to do a certain task. Plus the drag and drop features of the app helps you easily move one task from one day to another in case it is postponed.

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#2. Pocket

There are many apps that lets you read your favorite stories and articles across various websites but Pocket app stands out from all of them. With Pocket, you can sync across multiple devices and store your articles to read it later. With this app, you can create your own personalized reading list which you can search via the titles or the URLs.

#3. Dumpster

Do you delete the files and folders from your smartphone accidentally many times? You might be losing some nice data by deleting them. But that’s not a problem any more as you can install Dumpster in your smartphone. It’s like the Recycle Bin for your smartphone that stores the deleted files so that you can restore it if you have accidentally deleted it. Now that, for sure, is one of the best Android apps for your smartphone.

#4. Shazam

This app will prove to be the best app if you love listening to songs every time. Sometimes you might be listening to a song and you liked it very much but you don’t know its name. No Problem at all as Shazam will help you. You just open Shazam and add the song there and it will give you the name of the song, the artist as well as the lyrics. Great, isn’t it?

#5. Mint

Mint is one of the best Android apps for your smartphone as it can help you manage your expenses. This app helps you check your account balance and whether you have spent more than your monthly allowance or not. It sure stores your banking information but you can password protect the app. And this app doesn’t do any transactions or move the money from one account to the other, this only tells you what you have spent and how much is still in your account.

#6. Avast! Mobile Security

If you are an Android user but you don’t download apps from just Google Play Store but you download them from other sources as well then you might be at a risk of infecting your smartphone with some threats. If you fall in such a category, then you must install an antivirus app like Avast! Mobile Security in your smartphone to stay on the safer side as it wil run scans and protect your device from various threats.

#7. Flipboard

This is one of the best Android apps for your smartphone as this is a magazine like app that brings you the best news from across the Internet to your screen. To get started with it, you need to create an account, select your favorite topics and it will then curate all the news related to topics that you have selected and will present it to you in a magazine-like presentation for you to read.#8. Fandango Movies

Are you one of the movie buffs who watch almost all the movies as they are released? Then this might be the best app for your smartphone. Fandango Movies is one of the best Android apps that lets you know about the latest movie releases and the trailers. You can save a movie and the app will notify you when the movie hits the theatres.

#9. TalkAndroid


You want to stay updated with all the news related to Android, then TalkAndroid is the app that you need to install on your smartphone as it regularly gets updated with the latest news, reviews or recent updates taking place in the Android world.

#10. Duolingo


Do you want to learn some new languages like Spanish or French but don’t want to go to different classes for it? Then here’s the app that will help you learn the languages any where and anytime you like. Duolingo helps you get started with any language from the basics to the advanced levels so that you learn it thoroughly.

So that were some of the best Android apps that you must install on your Android smartphone to use it to its ultimate power and get the most out of it. If you know of any apps that you are using on your smartphone, then I would love to hear from you the names of the apps that you use and consider as the best Android apps.



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