Top 10 Most Expensive Holiday Destinations in the World


Holidays come around for everyone – well, almost. But vacations are not for all – only the lucky ones manage to get themselves a decent annual vacation, if at all. But hey, wait a moment, that’s not quite true: luck might just call on you one fine morning, and you might win an all expenses paid trip for two to a luxury destination of your choice, only you’d look mighty foolish if you didn’t know where to take that someone special on that dream holiday! So bone up on these top 10 most expensive holiday destinations in the world: just in case your wildest dream indeed comes true!


Tahiti, ah, the name itself breathes romance – insanely expensive romance. This French Polynesian gem, rightly called the Queen of Pacific, is the ultimate dream holiday destination, and consequently, one of the most expensive.  A world away from the world most people know, Tahiti has been a traditional millionaire’s wallowing field.  These 118 islands and atolls, each unique in character but identical in unsurpassed natural beauty, make Tahiti one of the most exciting and romantic holiday destinations in the world, as also one of the most expensive. But then, you can’t expect a stay in paradise for less, can you?

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is in the desert, but that’s where the description ends. Agreed, it may physically be located in the middle of the burning sands, but the city is an air-conditioned oasis, a man-made heaven that only money can buy. Lots of it – money, I mean! Everything about Abu Dhabi is larger than life – the mindboggling landscapes, spectacular infrastructure (yes, only in Abu Dhabi can infrastructure be spectacular!), and the futuristic architecture are all the best – that money can buy. So if you’re planning a really luxurious vacation, Abu Dhabi would be one of the top contenders.

Capri Island

This magnificent little island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula is a heady mixture of a colorful and ancient history, natural Mediterranean beauty, fantastic weather, combined with ultramodern Italian luxury that makes any vacation on the Island an essay in ecstasy. Blend in some high life, such as designer boutiques, lavish hotels, ritzy bars and happening night life, and you’re transported to another pleasure warp. But yes, all this is going to make a big hole in your wallet because – yes, you said it – Capri Island is one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world. But who’ll let a few dollars stand in the way of magical Italian ecstasy?


This southern Swiss city has been one of the world’s most popular and classiest holiday destinations since old times, as well among the most expensive. Steeped in history and a reputation for politically correct positioning, Geneva is one of the most non-controversial cities in the world. Nestled in the Alps with the stunningly beautiful Geneva Lake as one of its key assets, Geneva has all that it takes to be included in the rarified circles of the world’s most luxurious holiday destinations in the world.


The mystique of Paris is that it has a whole lot of almost everything – history, culture, pride, prejudice, love, intrigue, poverty and yes, unrestrained indulgence. For it’s only the French capital’s denizens who behave like there’s no tomorrow – and with reason. Because in Paris, there really is not tomorrow. Paris exists only for the moment, and so does your net worth. If you can’t spend, what are you doing in Paris, anyway? So while this French capital has plenty for the thinly padded wallet, those with numbered accounts in Swiss banks need not baulk – there are so many chic little Paris thingys costing the earth that wiping out the last six zeros out of your bank balance would be but the work of a moment. Ever wondered why deluxe, chic, haute couture, grand prix and bourgeois are all French words?

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo has always been synonymous with the 6 Gs – grace, grandeur, glamour, glitz, gambling, and the gorgeous. A little less ostentation and it could have added “greatness” to that list. However, connoisseurs of the fine life will argue for the city – for has it not been home – at some time or the other – to all those demigods – or demons, as you see fit – you see only in the movies, or on race tracks, or in the news, or in the scandal sheets? Blessed as it is with a temperate climate thanks to the Mediterranean Sea, a beautifully planned topography, fantastic infrastructure, Formula 1 race track, ritzy cultural events, opera, ballet, you name it, Monte Carlo has it. Still wonder why it’s one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world?

New York

New York needs no into introduction. The Big Apple has been the world’s greatest city for a long time now. NYC is a city of constrasts – extremely friendly as it could be violently dangerous; assimilating everything one moment, rejecting all the next; one of the world’s most affordable cities, yet one of the most expensive. Simply because you’re a movie buff, don’t assume you’ve seen all that the Big Apple has to show: be there in the flesh, line your wallet with ample plastic – and you’ll discover a city you never knew existed. The most amiable, one of the “free-est”, and then, one of the most decadent, and certainly one of the most expensive…


This Croatian city has it all – the golden sands and turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, verdant mountains, fantastic year-round weather, and the glamorous city itself, with its glorious heritage. Dubrovnik is often referred to as the pearl of the Adriatic, and justifiably so. What is great about this resilient city is its astoundingly quick and extreme turnaround from the strife-torn war zone of a few years ago to become not just one of the top global tourist attractions, but also one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world!


Glamorous Cannes, on the French Riviera, has always been the ultra-luxurious playground of the super-rich, a hotspot to be seen in, in the august company some of the most well-known, and obviously well-heeled, personalities on this planet. Its status as the host of the annual Cannes Film Festival has given the city superstar status among star cities. Cannes is a place to indulge yourself: in the bars, on the beaches, at the gaming tables and of course, in your ultra-luxury penthouse suite – as long as you’re willing to pay. Of course, it has class, it has charm, it has the jet set crawling all over the place, and that makes Cannes even more desirable. So next time you hit the jackpot and want some deluxe fun, head for Cannes.


Once the epitome of socialist austerity, Moscow today is the most glaring example of runaway capitalism. Flashing neon lights scream the latest and most expensive fashion brands, expensive shops selling even more expensive trinkets, a profusion of five- and seven-star hotels, and hyper-expensive restaurants with unbelievable prices. All that remains of old, “one class only” Russia are its monuments, but they’re only a façade. Moscow now belongs to the uber-rich, who drive the most expensive luxury cars, sport the latest gadgets, flaunt platinum and diamond jewelry, and dress in real fur. So next time you get the urge to splurge, take your chartered flight to this old Russian capital.

If ever you have the chance to go on that dream vacation, these are the places you should head for. But let your dear consort know that it’s a once in a lifetime thing – unless she’s about to inherit a zillion bucks from her father … who knows?


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