Top 10 Must Have Time Strategy Games For PC!


Gaming – a wonderful time pass! Doesn’t matter what age we attain, the craze for games never dies! True to each word, whenever a new laptop or a smartphone is in our hand, first thing we tend to check is the games on it! Correct? Games are undoubtedly the best part of any gadget and this is the reason lots of gaming applications have jumped into the market. Ofcourse, one can’t install all of them on respective devices! Best way is to choose the best one. How? We have here simplified the task by providing you the top 10 must have time strategy games for PC.

Age of empires

Game lovers don’t require a formal introduction of age of empires here. It is the most popular time strategy game and thus tops the list! It is typically called as AOE by game lovers and was developed by ensemble studios. It was then brought into market by web giant Microsoft. The game is known for its catching story line and gameplay. The first series of the game was released in 1997. Till now, around 7 AOE titles and about 3 spinoffs are launched now. One can avail the multiplayer gaming experience easily. It is definitely a must have game on your gadget!

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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

Talking about Warcarft III, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos rules the world! It is another real time strategy game which was launched in 2005 by blizzard games. It is the third series of Warcraft Universe. The game can be easily played with both single player and multiplayer mode.

Rise of Nations

The credit of developing rise of nations goes to big huge games. It was published by Microsoft studios and was landed for normal usage by May 20, 2003. Around 8 ages of history along with 18 civilizations are properly depicted! The game is also compatible with your Mac notebook along with Microsoft windows! On playing the game one might say that it is a smart combination of Mixture of Civilizations.

Company of Heroes 2

Company of heroes 2 is released by Sega and was developed by Relic entertainment. The game illustrates stunning graphics and sound effects. Generally the graphics of time strategy games are not so appealing, company of heroes 2 out rules this conception!

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

If a sci fi based game is what you like, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is just made for you! The game was launched by blizzard studios and is totally compatible with mac and windows. StarCraft came in 1998 and if you have played it, you could clearly guess that it is a sequel to same. The game revolves and covers the story of three species, Protoss, Terrans and Zerg. One can play both single mode and multiplayer mode with it. However, you will miss the LAN play!

World in Conflict

Developed by Swedish company dealing with video graphics and field, the world in conflict was published by Infamous Ubisoft. The game is compatible with Microsoft windows. Story depicts the storyline of cold war time of 1989. Talking about the rating, it is given 9.5/10 by Gamespot!

Rome: Total War

It is a must have game. The credit of developing goes to creative assembly. Its window version was released in 2004 and Mac version in Feb 2010. The storyline of the game revolves around conquering the Roman Empire and trying to become the emperor! The game happened to be a grand success. The next version i.e. Total War: Rome II is in developing stage as was announced in 2012.

Civilization V

The game was developed by Firaxis. The strategy games are taken to a newer arena by this game. Various advanced tools and improved gaming behavior makes the game an amazing experience!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The game revolves around the invasion of earth by aliens. The game showcases the average rating of 90 on 100. It was developed and released by civilization 5 and 2K games respectively!

Total War: Shogun 2

Released in 2011, the game I still a best experience to play! The game depicts the scenario of total war. The player is responsible for controlling a clan of his own and controls the position!

These are top 10 must have time strategy games for PC according to us!


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