Top 25 Beaches to Spend your Vacations


How it seems a Hand in hand walk with your beloved on the beautiful beach, fun with your friends at seaside, boat ridding, resorts, and many more.  I promise you this will make your holiday a blast and you will get an ultimate experience which remains memorable throughout your life. So this time pack your luggage to go on the famous beaches of the world. Here I have list of some beautiful beaches around the world among which you can choose a best place for you to spend some time.

1.     Palm/Eagle Beach, Aruba

If you are thinking to spend your vacations on an island then this first place is most suitable for you. Aruba is a beautiful island rich in culture and history. Eagle Beach is famous for white sand and turquoise waters. It is an idyllic Caribbean beach with full of water sport enthusiasts. You will find here the most suitable swimming conditions and powdery sand. It is a small island, only 20 miles long so you can easily explore the place by bike which you will easily get here on hiring. So now start thinking about this island.

2.     Tulum, Mexico

If you are a romantic person and always searches some places where you can spend some time with your loved one then this beach is for you. Tulum is the most beautiful beach of Mexico where you can relax yourself up to that extent you want. This place is famous for their guest’s welcomes and respect. You will enjoy the massage and sunbathe on gorgeous beaches within scenic sites. Here will find a perfect mixture of beach, village and archeology.

3.     Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica is not only famous for Bolt but also it is famous for beautiful beaches which will make your vacations pleasant. Here you will enjoy the sunny sand, horse riding on beach, crocodile watch and lot more. And do not forget to specially take sunbathe here on the Negril. It is a seven mile long beach and surely you can head to this place.

4.     Providenciales

Caribbean islands are one of the best choices of travelers where you can spend your holiday with your family and friends. Families love this place because beaches are occupied with fewer crowds. If you are a newlywed couple then this place will be a perfect romantic place for a honeymoon. Here you can explore the depths of the sea also.

5.     Saint Pete Beach, Florida

Book your flight tickets to Florida if you are looking for the best beach site place. Sugary white sands look fantastic and in actually that gives the feel to stand over a good beach. Here, on this beach you will get white sand, dolphins frolicking just off shore. It is a perfect seaside destination to experience the state’s beauty and the golden sunset rays.

6.     Boracay, Philippines

Head to Philippines and enjoy the sea sites. Boracay is a beach in Philippines which is only 4.5 miles long so you can navigate the place on motorbike or bicycle. Here you will enjoy the picture perfect sunset scene which will make your evening romantic. Prefer to visit place in dry season.

7.     Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

You will find this beach on the Caribbean postcards, Punta Cana is 25 miles long beach with full of white layer of sand, coconut trees, crystal-clear water and lot more. This is a perfect getaway where you will find affordable resorts to spend some pleasant time with your family. This place is quite famous in European tourists and Americans which makes it an amazing hotspot.

8.     Cancun, Mexico

Another famous beach you will find in Mexico is Cancun, it is famous for it’s perfect climate and golden beaches. If you are a college going student or party lover then this place will relish you the most. This beach is famous for 365 days parties and celebration. Here you will find number of resorts according to your pocket size and comfort ability.

9.     Varadero, Cuba

You can also head to Cuba as it has top beach destination site of 13 mile long peninsula with soft white sand. Here you will be offered with many sports and adventures which never allow you to feel bored. Here a lot of things to do in a day and in night party begin which not allows anyone to sleep. The most famous thing of this place is deep sea fishing excursion.

10. Miami Beach, Florida

This one is among the most famous beaches of the world, at the shore of Miami Beach you can swim, surf, play, horse riding, sunbathe, relax and lot more. Everything you can do in Miami. Crystal clear Atlantic water looks beautiful from the shore of Miami. You can take a nap on the white sand of Miami and believe me that also will be a one of the memorable experiences you had. This place is quite popular among the celebrities and models so you can also watch the beautiful people on the beach.

11. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Mexico is full of beaches and this is the third popular beach Mexico. Playa del Carmen is full of culture and history and also it is famous for commercial aspect. You will find the hotels and parties in American and European style so they will impress you a lot and you will get a wonderful and adventurous night life experience. It is also a popular destination among the tourists around the world.

12. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Now pack your bags to head for America’s East Coast as it is famous for some gorgeous and best beaches of the world. Myrtle Beach is one of them. Here you will receive a warm welcome if you choose a good resort as your place and then panoramic views of the Atlantic, white sands, calm crystal clear water etc. All are just for you only. On Myrtle beach you will find plenty thins of family attractions, so this place is suitable one if you are thinking to spend some time with your family and kids. Myrtle Beach is a perfect place for beach lovers.

13. Virginia Beach, Virginia

A classic beach that has all elements to make you relish and your holiday experience a fabulous one. Here at Virginia Beach you will find world’s best resorts, gorgeous beaches, plenty of restaurants, party spots and night spots. Also this beach if famous for amusement rides which are enough to appeal to kids. If you are a sport enthusiast then you will please to know that this place has Golf Courses also. Many tourists believe that Virginia Beach is best in off season, when the place is less crowded.

14. Honolulu, Hawaii

If you love to surf then this next place will relish you. Head to Honolulu, a legendary surfing destination or you can say a one of the best places of the world to learn and enjoy surfing. If you do not know how to surf, then nothing to worry there you will get no. of instructors to teach you. Snorkeling, sunbathing, outrigger canoeing, kayaking, swimming…all things are available for you at Honolulu.

15.  Oludeniz, Turkey

Turkey is famous for its Oludeniz beach, Oludeniz is the small village of Turkey which surrounded by blue water and gives it an ecstatic look. You will find scenic views here which will fill your heart with romance. So if you are a newlywed couple and searching for a suitable place for honeymoon then I suggest you to head for this place. Oludeniz is one of the world’s top spots for paragliding.

16.  Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Why not Egypt?? If I say it has a wonderful beach spot, Sharm El Sheikh. After heading there you will find number of things to explore for you. Here you will enjoy the world class diving experience with turtles, barracudas and sharks. And if you perform well then they give you a diving certification also. So does not loose time book your tickets to Egypt.

17. Daytona Beach, Florida

Head to Florida and enjoy the pleasant climate at Daytona Beach. Every year millions of families come on this beach to spend some precious delightful moments and for relax. Apart from beach you can also visit nearby theme parks and museums. If you are an auto racing enthusiast then this is an hot spot for you. The Daytona speedway hosts the Daytona 500 and many other races.

18. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Another beach in Florida which you can visit is Fort Lauderdale. Here you will get the experience of gorgeous beaches, great swimming, ideal climate and many more. Walk out to the roads and you will find plenty of good restaurants and boutiques. If you are seeking for a good night life experience then I assure you here you will get the best of that. Just ask to local people about the things you want to make your holiday fantastic and adventurous and they will open a full list.

19. Ka’anapali, Hawaii

After Honolulu, there is another majestic beach on Hawaii nearby Lahaina named as Ka’anapali Beach. Spend your full day at sea shore enjoying surf and sand and at eve take a pleasure of spectacular sunset view. Lahina is very much known for it’s historical places so do not miss the chance to visit some distinct places.

20. Cayo Coco, Cuba

As mentioned above Cuba has plenty of beaches so this Caya Coco Beach is one of among the beautiful beaches of Cuba. Here you will get the chance to treat yourself to the good life at some luxury resorts. Also you can see the King’s Island, white beaches, crystal clear sea water. You will get a lot of options here to make your holidays a fantastic one.

21. Marsa Alam, Egypt

Another gorgeous beach at Egypt you would like to visit is Marsa Alam. This is a Middle Eastern beach vacation for you. Here you will find blazing sand, calm water and cool resorts offering spas and massage. this place is famous for under water caves and for snorkeling. So, plenty of things are waiting to make your vacations wonderful.

22. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is known for one of the Mexico’s prime resort destinations. You will get perfect climate and weather, plenty of adventures, hotspots, water sports, and stunning beaches. Here you will get something for you on the streets of local crafts. Also you can dance all night at one of the many party clubs.

23. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Now Brazil, from the beaches to the carnivals, Rio de Janeiro has everything to make your vacation experience delightful and memorable. City well knows how to entertain you whether day or night. After watching the sea shore and beach you can explore the streets of Rio de Janeiro. You can head to Tijuca National Park and Corcovado Mountain. Also you can take cable car for scenic view over the mountain. Also you can explore the history of Brazil by visiting Municipal Theatre, Catete Palace and Former Presidential Residence. So, enjoy to the fullest in Rio de Janeiro.

24.  Icmeler, Turkey

For travelling or to spend your vacations you can also head to Icmeler, Turkey. You can explore Turkish beach resorts here. Enjoy a boat trip to nearby island and take a good camera with you to catch all precious moments. If you are fond of sea food then this place has plenty of varieties for you.

25. Port d’Alcudia, Spain

Last place of today where you can head to spend your vacations is Port d’Alcudia in Spain. On the beaches of the place you will find velvety white sand spread all over, blue calm water and coconut trees. This place always remains centre of attraction among the surfers and paragliders as the climate of this place is a bit breezier. So book your tickets for Spain.