Top 5 Antivirus free Download 2015


Last year witnessed the arrival of many new software which helped in enhancing users’ experience with PC. Unfortunately, along with many good useful software, many new viruses found their way. It’s nothing any strange as arrival of new viruses with every passing day is something quite common to see. In case you are worried about protection of your PC, you must download antivirus on it. While looking for the right antivirus meant for you, the very first thing that you must is see if the antivirus gets its virus database updated from time to time or not. If not, then believe me, such antiviruses are nothing but a big waste for you. Of course, along with that there are many other factors which are used to decide the worth of any antivirus.

Norton Antivirus

Antivirus free Download 2015

I personally have used this antivirus for more than a year, and I must that it’s one of the best antivirus solutions out there. It’s proudly in the list of antivirus download 2015. For all those of you looking for top-notch protection against threats coming from files that you get from the friends or download from the web, Norton antivirus is what is the perfect solution without any doubt. Like many other antivirus software, Norton antivirus is available for free as the trial version. By downloading the trial version, you are allowed to use all features of this esteemed antivirus for free for a set time period. After that you need to buy the license. Of course, do that only if you like this software. Read Review over here


The next in this list about antivirus free download 2015. With millions of users under its name. Kaspersky is worth mentioning name in this list. Those who have been struggling to get protection from viruses in local files and those coming from web, must try out the Kaspersky. The latest version, which is 2015 is full of features and has got all in it that is required for providing protection to the PC. The user-interface is quite simple which is meant to help all newbies out of you.


Talking about antivirus free download 2015 and we don’t list the Bitdefender, is something that cannot happen at all. Bitdefender is the name that comes on the mouths of many when we ask about the best antivirus solution available today. If you have got PC with low-end hardware, then you may not like the Bitdefender, but believe me, if your PC’s hardware is good enough, then simply forget all other antivirus software and head over to Bitdefender’s official website to buy this one. Obviously, you can first try out your hands on the trial version so as to decide if this software is worth investment of is just a fake eye-popper. Well-deserving name in this list about antivirus free download 2015.