Top 5 Destinations to Study Abroad


study abroadToday scene of pursuing degree has changed. Our environment has become more competitive, it is very difficult to get existence for a normal student, especially in India. Study pattern in India has completely changed. People are choosing their career on the basis of profession that will give them more money, instead of their personal interests.

In India, we observe any student choose their career on following two criteria. Firstly, Indian students are forced by their parents to study either engineering or medical. Secondly, Indian students select their career on the basis of benefits that they can get in future (as I discussed above). It really diminishes quality of study in India.

Some other community also exists in India, who study and select their career on the basis of their internal interest. Even such type of students prepares themselves to study abroad. Those students work harder in day and night to get admission in abroad. Sometimes it is very difficult to study abroad due to some financial issue or may be some problems from external affairs.

Mostly Asian students judge abroad colleges on the basis of five criteria, which are listed below. If you also want to study abroad then you should think about following criteria:

  • Research
  • Campus
  • Study Environment
  • Employability
  • Internationally Recognized degree

Let’s take a look over top 5 destinations for Indian as well as Asian students to study abroad:

5 Destinations to Study Abroad:

1. Australia

Australia is the favorite country especially for Indians. Mostly Indian students choose their study place to Australia. Following factors influences Indian students to study in Australia:

  • Reputed Colleges
  • Quality of Study
  • Reputed Qualification
  • Safety
  • Cheap cost

Australia also counted among 3rd best country to study abroad. Best institutions in Australia are situated in following cities:

  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Monash
  • Murdoch

2. Italy

Mostly Indian students studies Medical sciences in Italy. It is best place for Medical sciences, Nursing courses and other vocational courses. The most amazing thing, one of the oldest university of Europe is situated at Italy that offers best study with modern pattern.

Students also visit Italy to study History, Fashion, Religion and other Life sciences. Rome, Verona and Milan are the study hub in Italy.

3. Sweden

In two years, Sweden has become popular study place after Australia. Students choose Sweden as their study place because the country has peace inside. It is very easier to get job in Sweden, if you have qualified your degree from any universities from Sweden. Few universities from Sweden ranked among top 100 universities in the world.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is commonly known as Gateway to China. It is emerging study place in Asia. If you want to study abroad and you want to study in Asia as limitations then Hong Kong is the best place to study.

It is completely open market for job seekers, which is main advantage to study in Hong Kong. According to Survey, Hong Kong recognized among top 100 study place for international students. Its rich heritage and modern corporate attracts all students especially who want to learn Electronics.

5. United Kingdom

Mostly Indian students select UK as last priority, but it is in our demand to study abroad, because it becomes little costlier. Universities of UK really provide high quality education, which is globally accepted. UK is best suited for English speaking students.

It offers some more opportunities for international students. Some of the major cities to study are- London, Scotland, England, etc.


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