Top 5 Educational Games of 2013


Every parent wants that their children to have a friendly environment with knowledge. They need a solution where their kids can learn while playing. So, we come across some good educational games. These educational games help your kid to learn basic skills required for their development. Basic skill such as enhancing your thinking power, problem solving, logical thinking and many more can be improved by playing simple educational games.

Now we got so many educational games that it is difficult to analyse which one is better for your kids. These games are available online or can be downloaded many without paying any penny. So, to make you free of this headache, I have come up with a list of 5 top educational games of 2013.

  1.  Scribblenauts Remix
  2. Minecraft
  3. Cleftutor-Music Note Game
  4. Adjective adventure
  5. Blood typing game

Scribblenauts remix is a puzzle game where you need to use adjectives along with nouns. It was developed by 5th cell and Iron Galaxy Studios and was published by Warner Bros. Interactive. This game got 40 levels to cross. This game is available on iOS and android platform. 


Minecraft is a game based on construction where you need to create it by using blocks. It was created by a Swedish programmer but later it was developed and published by Mojang. This game helps your kids to know about the famous architectural monuments around the world. This game is available for all the mobile platforms as well as Mac and Windows. Minecraft grabs many awards after its launch. 


Cleftutor-Music Note Game is a game for music loving kids. Those who are interested in music can easily learn the basic knowledge about the notes. You can learn to play a variety of music instruments through this such as piano, guitar, keyboard etc. You can easily get this game from Google play store by paying INR 167.97.               


Adjective adventure game is a based on adjective as its name suggests. It’s a good game to learn about the adjectives. You will have spiders on your screen containing a word. You need to choose the adjective out of those words. This game can also be used in your English class.  Blood typing game is a very scientific game dealing with the knowledge about human blood. Your kids can able to answer many questions which are sometimes you can’t able to give. This game tells you about blood group, blood transfusion, blood donor and many more things. In this game you have to save people from dying by donating compatible blood group. This is a very interesting game with respect to medical science.There are many more games available which are very useful for your kids. Now, you can have lot of android apps for your kids to make your kid smart and giving an edge over others.

Hopefully, you are enjoying some of the best educational games available in 2013. There are many games available out there but the above mentioned games are a clear winner and has a competitive advantages over other. Do let us know which game you like the most.


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