Top 5 of Windows 7 Games


Gaming has always been a favorite time passing method for the computer users for decades, since Windows operating system was introduced. Ever since the beginning, Windows comes with some games preloaded. And they have now become classical games, as they were carried over by almost all the Windows. Not only those, the gaming experience have started getting richer with the introduction of Windows 2K, and since then Microsoft also released some of their popular games in newer outlooks to cater the newer gamer generations. Remember playing Minesweeper? If you are a user from the 90s, you of course do. Minesweeper might be one classical Windows game, but certainly not the only best one. We are now going to talk a bit about the other Microsoft games that run their best on Windows 7, including Minesweeper. And you can free download these Microsoft Windows 7 games.

Windows 7 free games


This game is one of the oldest and most popular games in the gamers’ world. Not only gamers, everyone using Microsoft Windows might have tried to get their hands on this game at least once. This game is knows as Draughts in the UK, and you know what many new games of these days with higher graphics and gameplay quality couldn’t beat this classic game in terms of awesomeness! Just like Tetris of those cheap consoles, or Cadillac and Dinosaurs of the SEGA game machines, this game is classic. And in the Windows 7 version of this game, you can play multiplayer across internet. It’s definitely one best game to spend your lazy time.


It’s an old-age but favorite game. You can play this game in multiplayer over internet with many other users. This game is interesting, it has everything you would have in real backgammon boards like a dice, the board itself, the little pieces that are called ‘stones’ in this game. What you have to do is to remove all these stones before your opponent.


If you like to play cards then this is definitely your game. You can play this in your lazy office breaks or class breaks, and many institutes don’t allow cards in their campus but who would stop you from playing spades on your computer? You will have to play for earning 500 points and be the first team in this pursuit; and if you can’t do that then at least you have to be the last to earn -200 points.

Chess Titans

That mind blowing mind game. Who doesn’t like chess? It might be the best game if you really want time to pass fast. And the grey chess board with the 3D like graphics will give you a feeling like playing in a real chess board. There are 10 difficulty levels from 1 to 10 for different challenging levels.


This is first game shows up in your mind when you hear something about Windows Games. And its Windows 7 version, this game comes in a pretty improved UI. The game is very simple but tricky; you have to uncover the boxes without exposing the mines.

 It’s too addicting so beware!

Where can you download these Microsoft Windows 7 Games free? Most of them already come built in with your Windows 7; and the rest you can download from the Microsoft Website.


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