Top 5 Scuba Diving Spots in Singapore


Singapore is a country enriched with natural resources on all sides of it – and diving is one of the most adventurous time pass you can do when you are at Singapore. And when you are actually diving in Singapore – make sure your list doesn’t miss out the Pulau Hantu, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Redang, HMS Goodwill wreck and last but not the least, Sudong wreck. Trust me, diving in these spots will take you to the next level of adventure you never imagined. So, we are going to give you a brief idea on these top 5 best scuba diving spots in Singapore – spots you will never regret diving in.

Top 5 Scuba Diving Spots in Singapore

Sea is mysterious; it always has been this way. And that is why sea has got such many number of enthusiasts who really want to explore sea and its secrets hidden underneath; and all these have been happening since the time immemorial. This curiosity to know the unknown often ends up in adventurous tourists – the ones who try to find out the secret lying beneath the cerulean surface.

Like other continents, Asia too is surrounded with various natural beauties and resources. Singapore is one very attractive tourist spot, and it has many scuba diving spots which are well suited for that specific purpose. There’s no particular diving season in Singapore, you can dive any time you want in Singapore. Due to the natural location, Singapore is showered by continuous rain. Visibility is often affected because of this rain, but however this will not put a stop to your adventure.

And if you are wondering which one is the most famous spot; well we are not talking about the best one in terms of position. Pulau Hantu is one of the most famous scuba diving spots and you will find a lot of praising guy praising this spot. And this has actually turned out to be a natural disaster to the nature; the coral reefs are facing extinction. Pulau Hantu is indeed a nice place to dive!

Wreck of HMS Goodwill; another spot you would opt to dive in. It’s named after a British Freight ship that sunk in that sea area during the Second World War. It was submerged for long 50 years and marine life has found it to be a good nesting spot. There’s another wreck named Sudong which turned out to be another nice diving spot for the adventurous divers. Visibility – one thing to sharply keep your eye on while diving in Singaporean seas.

Looking for a diving spot with amazingly clear water? You can’t get wrong with the Pulau Tioman, it’s popular for its crystal clear water. It also has a coral reef underneath the water where you can find many species. Life found its own way! And last but not the least; Pulau Redang is a spot with almost identical facilities.

Singapore is an amazing place for scuba diving; we have to say. If you are one of those highly enthusiast nature lover who loves adventures with nature – then just go for Scuba diving and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


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