Top 5 Tourist Places Spots of Pakistan


Pakistan is the country which is situated in central part of Asia and in the west of India. This country is one of the biggest countries with respect to the population; this country is very beautiful in every respect. The people are very helping, but in past recent year this country is losing its shine because of the terrorist activities. But then also thousand of tourist came here to see the incredible beauty of Pakistan here some most amazing destination:


Taxila is one of the oldest universities of the world, this was the greatest learning centre of that time thousands of student came here from all around the world. These places came in contact with various kinds of people like Buddhist, Greek, and Persian and get affected by all of them. This place is declared as world heritage site by UNESCO and it is about 32 km away from Islamabad the location of this place is awesome full of greenery. And in 5th century BC Huns destroyed this place.


Makran is situated near Balochistan, it is the partial desert coastal strip where you can find some of the world best unspoiled beaches .This place is ideal for scuba diving and surfing, most of the people came here to feel the adventure hidden behind these deserted beaches. These chains of beaches are spread all across the coastline of Arabian Sea.


Mohenjo-Daro means mound of the dead is located in sindha. This is one of the earliest habitations of mankind which was well organised, you can this is the most advance city of that time on the concern of township, everything was managed. This city was an engineering marvel of that time. Mohenjo-Daro is also a world heritage site, in 1926 scientist got “dancing girl” bronze statuette which is about 4500 year old.

Khyber Pass

Khyber Pass

Khyber Pass is the part of ancient business route known as silk route, this pass connect Kabul in Afghanistan to Peshawar of Pakistan. This mountain pass is the trade route between central Asia and south Asia, this pass is the part of Hindu Khush range.  This is the path by which Aryans came to India, the culture and hospitality given by the people of this place is the best part of this place, if you are found of photography then this place is only for you.

Northern mountains

Pakistan is country which is full of high peak mountains, most of them are covered with snow. K2 with height 8611 meters is the highest mountain in the world, this mountain are the paradise for the tourist when you reach to these mountain you can feel that you are in heaven. The most important thing about this place is the people, there dress up, there cultural heritage and most important the hospitality they give to their guest (tourists). Here you can find some of the biggest glaciers, the beautiful Swat Valley is under the Taliban government, and there also exist world highest polo ground.

These are the few places where one should go during their Pakistan visit, since these places will offer you everything which any tourist can desire. So don’t wait for the right time just pack your bags and travel to Pakistan.


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