Top Five Virtual Assistants on Android

Cortana in windows is similar to Ok google in android

Virtual Assistants are the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that the world is moving forward to. They are on our PC’s, Phones, Internet of Things and are going to be everywhere in the near future. They talk just like humans and display artificial emotions too. No need to scare. They are here to help us achieve, not to harm us. Today, we look at the top five Virtual Assistant apps for Android.

  1. Cortana: 

Cortana in windows is similar to Ok google in android

It is true that Cortana still needs some work but it has too much potential to leave off of a list like this. Microsoft’s rival to Siri has a lot of interesting things that it can do and it’s integrated into Windows 10 for seamless functionality and is supported on all major platforms. Among its many features include the ability to call people, send SMS and email, track packages, crack jokes, take notes, add stuff to your calendar, and more. Again, it is a little rough around the edges right now, but Cortana is still better than most and it’ll only get better over time.

  1. Alice: 

AIVC (Alice) is a pretty standard virtual assistant with an above average track record. It includes the ability to ask for simple things such as starting various apps, the weather, time, calendar, reminders, and even simple math problems. You can also ask it about fun facts about stats, stocks, and more. Of course, it also includes the basics like calling, sending SMS, navigation, alarms, and translation.

  1. Dragon Mobile Assistant:

Dragon Mobile Assistant was released by Nuance Communications, the same company that brought us the once iconic Swype keyboard. It comes with the basic features so you can expect pretty standard functionality. This one includes something called Attentive Mode which allows it to be activated even when the screen is off and locked. That makes Dragon Mobile one of the few that offer this functionality. You can also choose between several voices and even name your assistant what you want. It’s one of the more underrated personal assistant apps.

  1. Google Now:

Google Now is pretty much the undisputed champion of personal assistant apps on Android. It comes with a ton of features which includes the basics, more advanced stuff like anticipating your needs, activation from anywhere, Google Now on Tap, and a lot more. It’s not enough that this app is solid as a brick wall but it’s also updated on an almost constant basis by Google which seems to only add to its stability and range of features.

  1. Hound:

Hound is another one of the upcoming personal assistant apps with a lot of potential. This one is done by SoundHound and it’s actually pretty decent. The basics are all covered here and includes some advanced stuff like a mortgage calculator, integrated Expedia support for hotel booking, and the SoundHound Now which opens a sing/hum music search. You can even play interactive games like Hangman. It’s limited to United States residents right now, but it is out of beta and ready for public consumption.


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