Top Notch Free Games for Windows Xp to Windows 8


Such a world we live now, even the games aren’t free these days. All the superior games out there, most of them are paid and definitely not all of us can afford these highly priced games. So what are we going to do, just stop playing games and be robots instead? Hell no. Who said gaming is always expensive? With the right games chosen, you can still entertain yourself for free. There are many free games for the Windows operating system; you just need to find out the correct ones.

 Puzzle Pirates

In this review, we are going to come with some really free games. We have seen plenty of reviews on the internet that actually offers free games, but they are mostly trial for a certain time period. And once that time’s over, that game suddenly becomes a paid one. No, not anymore of this; the games mentioned here are totally free and full versions of them, no trials.

And we aren’t going to cover any flash games as well. These games are too simple, funny but we are focusing more on desktop based games. You can always find awesome flash games on the internet without much assistance or studying reviews.

Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates is probably one of the highly popular puzzle games on the internet. Here, you play with a Playmobil figure like pirate (very cute!) that sails through the seven seas. Every activity counts from maintaining the ship to manning battle stations and your performance is evaluated. All the basic features are free; but if you wish you can even buy more with money.


The name is a short form of Free Civilization. This game is free and open source unlike the game Civilization IV, and so you shouldn’t expect ton loads of features like the paid game but you can say that this game is inspired from that expensive one. You just need to understand what the keys do and once you master that, you are going to enjoy this civilization gaming. This game will represent you information on cities, diplomacy and some research…it’s just fun!


Vivendi shut down Tribes 2 long ago but there still were a hardcore gamers’ community of this game, even the servers were nearly full. No worries, there’s this new game and this comes with a patch to access and authentication server free of cost and the game itself is free of cost as well. Just hit their website and download both, then start having fun.



This game is browser based and all you have to do is to take control of a town situated in a Mediterranean island. Lead your people set them to gather resources and build your island. You can close your browser and your workers will still work. That’s how this game works.

Fancy Pants

This game comes with slick animations and it is based on a side-scrolling platform. The levels are divided in worlds, visit one after another. You can get this game on Xbox and PS consoles as well, although they will cost you 10$.

The games reviewed here are free and they will run on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 without any trouble. You should get to gaming right now!


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