Trigonometry In Everyday Life


Maths isn’t everyone’s favorite subject with topics like integration, differentiation, and trigonometry proving hard to take in. Not having a proper understanding of the subject will only nauseate your interest in the subject. But having a proper understanding of Maths will make you understand the practicality of the subject in real life. Trigonometry essentially refers to the branch of Maths which deals with the mathematical methods and entities that arise from the laws of triangles and of the abstract properties of geometrical angles. Let us look at a few real-life scenarios where having a commendable knowledge of Maths can help you.

  1. Measuring Height: The simplest of all trigonometric applications. Anyone with a basic idea of trigonometry can find the height of a building or mountain given the person knowing certain facts to complete the triangle to apply trigonometric formulas. Knowing just one angle and one side of a triangle, using trigonometry the rest of the triangle can be completed and hence find the height of the required building or structure. This can also be used to find the area of a triangle and many more applications.
  2. Video Games: Have you ever played the game, Mario? When you see him so smoothly glide over the roadblocks. He doesn’t really jump straight along the Y-axis, it is a slightly curved path or a parabolic path that he takes to tackle the obstacles on his way. Trigonometry helps Mario jump over these obstacles. As you know, the Gaming industry is all about IT and computers and hence Trigonometry is of equal importance for these engineers.
  3. Criminology: An interesting application of Trigonometry wherein, investigators can use trigonometric formulas to calculate the trajectory of projectile motion and accordingly come up with ideas to solve a car accident or find from where the bullet was fired from.
  4. Marine Biology: Trigonometry is often used by marine biologists for measurements to figure out the depth of sunlight that affects algae to photosynthesis. Using the trigonometric function and mathematical models, marine biologists estimate the size of larger animals like whales and also understand their behaviors.

Thus, we have seen just a few of the many applications of trigonometry which comes into play in the real world. With an appreciable knowledge of trigonometry, any person’s life can only be made easier. For help with topics like Trigonometry and more check out this YouTube channel offering a new outlook on the way we are used to learning-


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