VLC Media Player Download for Windows, Android & iOS Devices


The days of waiting for an episode on TV is gone. Similarly, the days of going to the theatre and watching a movie also seems to be dying out. The trend seems to be towards media consumption in a personalized manner. What does this entail? Choosing what to watch, when to watch, how much to watch and where to watch. These are luxuries that were hitherto inconceivable to the common media consumer, but now it is the norm of the day and hence, you need a competent player. VLC media player is the most competent video player of the lot.

What Makes It The Best?


Firstly, VLC Media player has Fast Hardware Decoding. This is a feature that is available on all platforms such as mobile, computer or tablet. It supports zero copy on the GPU and it can fall back on software only when required. This is a unique feature and ensures a smooth media playing experience. The fact that it does not overstress the device means that the performance of the device is better and as a corollary, the media consumption experience will be better. It also reduces the risk of long term incidental costs, meaning you can enjoy with peace of mind.


One of the reasons why VLC Media player is so popularly used is because of its versatility. It is a highly capable software, which can play all formats of video and audio. With regard to video, it can play MPEG, Cinepak, Theora, Dirac and MJPEG among others. As a result, you do not have to worry about whether your player can play a media of a particular format. You can just download it or copy it on a pen drive and watch. This adds to the user experience as you know that it’ll play no matter what format it is.

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Audio Versatility

It is not sufficient if the video playing abilities are wide. Film is an audio visual medium and the audio aspect of that equation also must stand up to the test. VLC Media player has shown itself as competent in this regard also. It can play audio files of all formats such as MPEG, MP3, TrueHD, FLAC, ALAC, Speex, Musepak, and Real Audio among others. This enhances the user experience in a manner similar to the Video experience. If you do not have to worry about compatibility, you are immediately more likely to enjoy the experience of watching the movie.


VLC Media player is no doubt excellent at handling audio and video. But what if the file itself is low quality? As a result, there might be distortion of audio meaning you will not be able to understand what is happening on screen. Similarly, if the movie is in a language you do not understand, you cannot enjoy the movie. One must understand and internalize a movie in order to enjoy it. The best way to do this is with subtitles. With VLC media player, you can use subtitles in formats such as DVD, Text files, Closed caption, USF etc.

Advanced Controls

VLC media player has some of the most advanced controls in any media player. It allows the user to control every aspect of his media consumption experience, such as audio presents, aspect ratio, colour balance and equalizers among others. Every person has their own unique tastes and preferences. One size does not fit all. So VLC media player understands this and allows users to customize their experience in manner which they enjoy. Further, these controls are not hard to understand, they are very graphic and need no special knowledge to operate. It is egalitarian and hence has no learning curve.


VLC media player has many miscellaneous functions which impact the user experience in a small but significant way. For example, it has some very convenient controls for play back control, such as space bar for pausing etc. Even volume control is very easy and it goes above and beyond the usual computer volume. This is very beneficial and aids user experience. Further, it even has internet plugins for browsers like Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer. These may seem like small and insignificant features, but in reality, they enhance media usage experience by miles, making this one of the easiest players.

How To Download VLC Media Player?

VLC media player is very easy to download. The procedure will depend upon what device you have. If you have an android device, it is available on the app store. One can easily download from there. There are more options if you have a windows PC. First, the app is available on the windows app store too. If you download from here, it will install automatically. You can also install it through the internet. To do this, simply search for VLC media player free download and you will find many websites from where you can download this file for free.

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How To Install VLC Media Player?

If you have downloaded the app from the official windows app store, then you do not need to install it manually as it would have automatically installed itself. But if you download it from any other source, you will have to install it manually. To do this, you must first go to downloads, where you will find the VLC Media File. When you open it, it you will find the installation wizard, on which you must click. IT will then direct you to the wizard, where you must follow the indicated steps. You can choose the location of the program.


VLC media player is one of the best media players in the world. That is evidenced by the sheer number of people using this media player. Its success can be chalked down to many things. Firstly, the fact that it’s free gave it huge popularity. Secondly, it is very easy to use and is filled to the brim with user friendly features. Its versatility also plays a huge role in its forever growing popularity. Lastly, it is easy to download and install as well. So if you choose to use this player, follow the aforementioned steps and start using it!


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