What Are The Different Ways To Watch Movies Online for Free?


In the age of internet when internet has taken over our life completely for good and most of our gadgets have been replaced by the internet. From our watches to our maps all the things that we used are now being overtaken by mobiles or other gadgets.

Now in today’s time even the television is not safe either and well most of today’s generation is watching the shows over the internet or being hooked to some new and interesting online series. The television was also quick to realize the shift of their prime TV viewers to the internet and instead of losing the viewers to the internet the TV decided to pick up and now many hosts their content on online websites too.

Websites like Couchtuner offer a wide range of content from their own TV shows to movies too at only a basic price that is to be paid yearly. Sounds great, doesn’t it??!! Well yes but actually no.

This has a problem as your favorite shows may not be only from one network but different ones. That’s where the problem arises as many viewers have just one show they would like to watch from that network and not all but there is no way that they can do that and if you want to stream all your favorite shows then you end up paying as much as you will pay for cable on TV for the same.

And if you are one such viewer who wants to watch all their favorite shows without much cost (or maybe none!), this list is for you! So here are some free streaming websites that will let you stream your favorite shows and movies uninterrupted.

  1. Crackle

Though not as big as Netflix or Hulu crackle is still a very big platform for movies and shows and lets you stream different genre of both movies and shows. Crackle is backed by Sony and nearly have all its show for free!

Although free the company has still to earn and they do that by ads. Yes, ads can be irritating but that’s just a mere price you have to give for free entertainment.

  1. Showbox

Showbox is one of the best apps that you can have in your mobile phones to live stream both shows and movies. Showbox got you covered in mostly all the Hollywood shows and nearly all over the globe too. Showbox does put some ads on their site and let’s just say they are not most reliable either.

But if you are willing to take some precautions then it’s probably the perfect platform to stream free shows and movies. Although you also need to be fine with copyright infringement. But the upside is the content provided by Showbox.

Showbox provides all the content combined by every major streaming website from Netflix to HBO and to Hulu and from shows like Game of Thrones to family guy. Everything is on Showbox. Although you will be needed to download the app from a third-party vendor rather than Play store for obvious reasons.

  1. Hotstar

Hotstar is another streaming platform that has really gotten popular over time due to its wide range of free movies and shows and being legal only has only improved its image in the eyes of the public. Although Hotstar is not completely free and will charge you a bare minimum charge yearly.

Still though most of Hotstar shows are available completely free and can be enjoyed by just logging into either their app or website.

  1. TeaTV

Just like Showbox this app also does copyright infringement and is frowned upon in most countries. TeaTV has a vast category of shows from Hollywood to Bollywood and the movies catalogs are also really huge with movies from your each and every genre.

It does not allow only streaming but one can also download those movies or shows to their devices and watch them later.

On their main homepage you will see the movies categorized into 4 categories, Marvel, DC universe and Reddit recommended for the year plus the movies best rated on IMDB.

When clicked on a movie it will straight take you to a page that will have the movies’ description and as well as its trailer. From there you can wish to either download or watch the content online as well.

The app is one of the best as it has a very interactive layout and also because of the sheer number of movies and shows offered by the app.

 5. Cinema APK

This app is mostly available to a wide range of devices such as your android, iOS and even on your windows PC. Thus giving the app a wide range of public reach and more accessibility. This app also has many different genres of movies and shows and works somewhat similar to Showbox and TeaTV.

However the app is not legal and thus you will be walking a thin line by using it. Cinema APK works mostly like gateways that, it pulls links from all over the internet and present you with various links to watch the content through. However, make sure that you are on VPN to be safe and secure on the network.

  1. Freeintertv.com

Free internet TV or freeintertv.com is a website that will allow you free viewing of TV channels all over the world. This website will provide you with mostly news all over the world and even some channel for shows. Though this is legal the variety of shows present is very less and thus the content is not of great quality. But hey! It’s free! And also if you are more into Russian TV then this is the place for you.

  1. Bobby Movie

Another wonderful app that will let you watch the movies in an instant and on the go. Bobby movie will provide you with a variety of movies and shows and quality content. Though the quality of the movies that you see depend highly on when they came out.

Think of it as, the newer the movies the less the chance of finding the movie in descent quality.

Although if you wait an appropriate time you could easily stream the movies in high quality. With all the apps above this one is no exception. So if you are fine with copy infringement then you can probably give it a go too.

Though the best feature of bobby is that it will let you apply the subtitle to any movie that you download or are streaming pretty easily which gives a new dimension to your viewing experience.

The Bottom Line:

Although there are many other ways still that you can use to watch your favourite shows/movies like torrents etc. but for streaming and download free viewing these apps and website can be your saviour.

Though we do not recommend watching these shows or movies via these websites as the profit is not at all earned by the production but if you are short on money and would like to enjoy a movie then go for it!

So what are you waiting for go and grab your popcorns and download one of these apps, sit and relax and enjoy this free streaming experience!


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