10 Website Builder Tools to Build a Website Easily


If you are planning to start an online business, the first step is to create an innovative and effective website that reflects your business, services, and products. Earlier, if you had to develop a website you had two options; either you hire a web developer or do it by yourself. With the increasing competition in the market where every online business owners fight to remain ahead, there are many companies offer Website Builder Tools that helps in building a website in just few clicks.

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There are various Website Builder Tools that help beginners or layman to build their business website in few minutes and get it running right away. These tools can help you to develop a professional looking website quickly and efficiently without having any knowledge on web building. Before you decide on which tool to be used, you need to decide what the tool can do for you.

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Consider the following list that you would expect a website building tool to do for you

  • Create a powerful and appealing website quickly
  • Take care of all the coding
  • Effortlessly drag and drop pictures
  • Customize your website according to your business needs

There are many tools available in the market and you need to select the best one that meets all your expectations. Following are the most effective website building tools



It is a flash based website building tool that allows you to create stunning and professional website in just few clicks. It also gives you the freedom of expressing your business goals and managing your online business without any hassle. What’s more, Wix provides the most affordable solution to develop your website and get it running right away.



Be it beginners or existing website owner, Webon provides effective tool that enables you to create professional and appealing website in just few minutes.



Yet another too in this list of 10 Website Builder Tools is Puzl. This website building firm offers tools that not only helps you create amazing website but also enhances your web presence. It offers tools that allow business people to develop their website for free.



This online website building tool provider lets you create multilingual websites so that you can expand your business across the globe and connect with the customers easily.


Website Builder Tools

This company offers free software that help you build an innovative and yet simple website that would please the audience. It’s a great tool to create a simple yet elegant website.


Website Builder Tools

This tool enables you to create a website or blog for free. In addition, it offers a huge collection of website template and allows you to select the best one that suits your business the most. Another important feature of this tool is that you can insert keywords in your content and make it SEO friendly and enhance your ranking in search engines.



It is one of the popular online website building tools available in the market. It provides an array of beautiful templates and also offers lot of editing functions that allows you to easily handle your website without much assistance and efforts. Further, it provides step-by-step instructions and guidance to easily create your website.



IMCreator lets users to create HTML based professional websites easily and quickly. This tool allows you to use its drag and drop functionality to customize your website easily. IMCreator has huge collection of templates to choose from for your website. This tool will let you design your website in few minutes without indulging yourself in coding stuff. It offers affordable plans to enjoy email services and hosting domain.



Yet another website builder tool in this list of website builder tools. WebStartToday has a huge database of more than 1000 templates to choose from. You can build a well designed and nice looking professional website within few minutes by the help of this tool. The templates are divided in categories like Travel, Medicine, Funerals, Art, Cleaning etc.


WebSite Builder Tools

Aircus is an amazing service that lets you design a trendy website. It will help you build a simple, discreet and professional website. If you are the one who loves to see many options then this can disappoint you but it has many amazing and well designed professional templates in the database which can help you to build your website easily.


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