Website Design Trends for 2013


All through 2012 there has been a huge surge in new website design trends. You can find many articles on the website design trends in 2012. You will also see many ideas of 2012 have been executed. In this article, I would like to dig into the design trends for the 2013 year.

The design inspiration is just a reflection of our expectations for the user interfaces. Basically, these trends represent the promising ideas in the website design community. But designers will have their own set of opinions at all times when it comes to the designing terms. Thus take the below mentioned ideas with a pinch of salt.

Website Design Trends for 2013
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Responsive Layouts

Responsive designs have been the trend since 2012. This trend has been ever changing and has finally come to a threshold where the layouts are designed to match every form of digital media. The main idea of responsive design is to come up with a design that supports all devices from desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and any other device that’s launched in future. It aims to have a single set of codes and that’s going to run on all the environments. Many people think that the sole purpose of responsive sites is to cater towards the mobile browsers but that isn’t the case. You can have this design adding brilliant graphics and illustrations in the layout while the browser window is bigger.

Huge Picture Backgrounds

Photographers or photography fans are going to love this design trend. I have seen a number of websites, which are providing huge pictures in the background. This is a great way of drawing the attention of your visitors and it can provide a great look if done the right way. Photographs are very pleasing on the eyes. So, you can be sure, that if you blend the big picture into the layout, it will make your site look good.

Vertical Navigation

I wasn’t a big fan of vertical navigation layout style when it first came into the market. There are many sites that adopted this trend and over the years more designers are creating the elegant solutions with vertical rhythm being intact. However, if done properly, this trend can be affluent.

Social Media Badges

Incorporating social media badges in the websites have become the recent trend. Designers check the social community sites to share the badges. The website owners have benefited a lot by making use of this approach of the designers. What the designers do is that they basically position these badges pinned to articles and blog posts in the layout. These badges are actively used by the fans and readers  who want to share the content on the places such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can even see the professionals using StumbleUpon Badges, Pinterest Buttons, Google +1 Button and LinkedIn Share Badge in the website layouts.

Detailed Illustrations

2013 web design trend is all about drawing and engaging the attention of the visitors. And when this is the aim of the websites, illustrations can act brilliantly and make the task for websites easier. The only problem is to find a professional who can create these designs. Illustrations are used in different ways to bring various moods in the website. Just browse the Internet and you will find a number of showcases and website galleries that emphasis on digital illustrations.


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