Top 7 WordPress Security Plugins


WordPress Security PluginsFor bloggers handling security issues with levity is almost like putting your hands in fire. You are posed to threats of hackers and spammers, which look for the opportunity of the harming the hard earned fame. Here goes top 7 WordPress security plugins, and secures you from all security loopholes.

Better WP security

Better EP security is one of the most important and useful security plugin that is stumbling in. It protects you from the basic vulnerabilities, beside easy to use interface and comprehensive tuning of the security of your blog.

Secure WordPress

The secure word press plugin is highly preferable among WP bloggers, as it is featured with  promising security features, and handles a couple of crucial things for example, removing error information on login pages, adds index.html to plugins directories and many other features.

WP Firewall 2

The WP firewall security plugin is an interesting plugin that find web requests with simple, and also wordpress- specific heuristics to recognize and stop different sort of threats. This security plugin is considerably powerful and featured with generic modules. Still it is not installed on web servers, which makes it difficult to configure.  Thus plugin significantly black lists pathological looking phrases, and it is a good idea to try this.

Limit login Attempts

The Limit Login attempts plugin is something that you cannot avoid and getting more popular since it is ever discovered.   This plugin is used by almost majority of bloggers, and limits attempt possible both via normal login as well as using auto cookies. It works incredibly in preventing Brute-force attack on your blogs, while its setting is customizable. This is one of my most favorite WordPress security plugin.

WP security Scan

WP security scan is also one of the notable plugin for securing WordPress.  The best part of this security plugin is that of scanning, checking out different vulnerabilities such as file passwords, permissions, database security, and suggests corrective actions to enhance the security of your blog.


Antivirus is a WordPress security plugin scans your blog template for malicious infections. This plugin is very useful for fighting tougher malware and virus injections on your blog.


Another popular WordPress security plugin among bloggers. This WordPress plugin protects your blog from spamming. I have been using this  WordPress security plugin for last few years.

If you are using, any other WordPress security plugin on your blog, don’t forget to share it in our comment section. Thanks for reading our post.


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