XiaomiRedmi 4X 32GB vsXiaomiRedmi 3S Prime

Xiaomi redmi 4X with elegant look in three colors
Xiaomi redmi 4X with elegant look in three colors

Comparison is not mean to decide which product is best, rather it defines the specifications and features of the two or three relevant products so that we decide which product suits us depending on our budget. So lets compare the two products from the same brand having relative prices.

I am talking about XiaomiRedmi 4X and XiaomiRedmi 3S prime. There are some common features in these products as well as there are some specifications which distinguishes these products from each other. So to compare Redmi 4X and Redmi 3S prime lets know some features and specifications of this products.

About Xiaomi:\

Xiaomi redmi 4X with elegant look in three colors
Xiaomi redmi 4X with elegant look in three colors

Xiaomi is privately owned electronics company head quartered at Beijing, China. It is the world’s 5th largest company that makes Smart phones. Xiaomi designs, develop, and evaluate the products based on the customer interest. Time to time it launches various products. Redmi 4X and Redmi 3s Prime are one of those inventions.

In this article, you can get the cleat view of these products. SO go through the following segments for detailed information.


XiaomiRedmi 4X: Rs. 8800/-(Expected).

XiaomiRedmi 3S Prime: Rs. 8999/-.


Both the mobiles have same size of screen that is 5.0 inches.

Operating System:

Operating system is one of the important specification that should know about the Android mobile.  Both the mobiles have the same operating system that is Android v6.0.1 Marshmallow. As both the phones have relative prices both the phones have same operating system.


As we discussed in the previous articles, performance is based on the processor included in the mobile. Here we can say that the both the phones will run on the same processor that is Octa Core.


When it comes to storage, if we have more internal memory it is better to have more apps that are updated. As we all know most of the apps run based on the internal memory. Considering these circumstances, Xiaomi provides 32 GB internal memory for both the models.


“One click= One Memory” is the agenda of today’s youth. So to get lot of memories, we need to have good camera quality. For this, Xiaomi offers 13 MP Rare camera and 5 MP front Camera for selfie lovers.


RAM is one of the factors that will help to measure the speed of the device. “High RAM = High Performance”. Looks like Xiaomi doesn’t want to disappoint their customers with the speed of the mobile. Because it provides 3 GB RAM for XiaomiRedmi 4X and Redmi 3S Prime.


We all know that Xiaomi is well known for the good battery back up. With the same image, it is providing the battery with the capacity of 4100 mAH.

Though these are two different products, we can say that there are more common features in these two mobiles. There are few difference like weight, MUI, etc which are negligible. So we can say that both are relevant mobiles from Xiaomi.


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